What is digital marketing, then? Digital marketing refers to all marketing initiatives or operations that are carried out utilizing electronic devices or the internet, paired with different marketing tactics and different digital media platforms that provide an online communication between consumers or customers. In Indonesia, digital marketing has also started to take off. Entrepreneurs and businesspeople have grown their brand presence on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, WhatsApp, and other social media sites.

Additionally, the growth of digital marketing creates new career opportunities for the neighborhood. In order to help companies create the digital marketing strategies they require, more and more people are starting digital marketing businesses, and more and more marketing professionals are creating digital marketing modules. In fact, a study by Mondo, a company that helps businesses with technology and digital marketing, shows that more and more businesses want to spend more on digital marketing. About 80% of businesses are expected to increase their budgets for digital marketing in the next 12 to 18 months. Of those, 40% will increase their budgets by 5% to 10%, 32% will increase their budgets by 10% to 25%, and the remaining 60% will increase their budgets by the same amount. Their digital marketing spending falls between 0 and 5 percent.

Actually, what do digital marketing services achieve? According to a study, more than 50% of businesses are very interested in raising their budgets for digital marketing. One of the main goals of digital marketing is to use digital media to reach customers more effectively and efficiently. Digital marketing is expected to do this so that it can reach customers faster, more accurately, and in more places.

With this development, it is clear that assisting digital transformation and corporate success is the same as developing and implementing digital marketing strategies for businesses.

Digital marketing, like other business strategies, has its own set of problems that users have to figure out how to solve. The size and scope of digital marketing is one of the primary obstacles. This means that if other readers are interested in putting digital marketing into practice, they should consider what strategies and plans will be employed, how many digital marketing activities need to be managed, how to create dynamic, engaging, programmed content, and other factors.

Even though digital marketing has some big problems, many business owners and entrepreneurs agree that it is important for the growth of their businesses. According to the Smart Insights dot com website, a number of benefits of digital marketing make it critical for us to implement. Here are 10 explanations of why it’s crucial for us to use digital marketing.

The importance of digital marketing

The importance of digital marketing

1. Digital marketing can give the business a clear direction.

Digital marketing is crucial in the first place because it can give participants in it precise and clear objectives and goals. The majority of businesses that operate without digital marketing lack defined strategic objectives. They don’t understand the objectives the business wants to accomplish through online marketing, particularly in terms of gaining new clients, boosting sales, and establishing more meaningful connections between creators and consumers on digital platforms. Without digital marketing, we are unable to benefit from technological advancement and give the company’s growth a defined direction.

2. If You Don’t Have Digital Marketing, Your Rivals Will Catch Our Customers’ Attention.

We reiterate that businesses without digital marketing would unquestionably suffer great losses. If our business does not use capable and powerful resources to master digital marketing, our rivals will. The use of digital marketing will make it simpler for business owners and entrepreneurs to communicate with potential clients or their existing clientele.

A company will be hollow if there are no clients. Don’t let our competitors get the attention of our target market as a result of our failure to utilize digital marketing or our failure to make the most of the resources put in place at the outset of the company. Set the appropriate digital marketing plan going forward.

3. Digital marketing enables us to identify our target audience online.

Maximizing the use of digital marketing is the answer if we don’t want competitors to take over our target market or target clients. Online client demand can be determined with the maximum use of digital marketing. Indirectly, we will learn more about the preferences of our target market.

In this situation, we can employ keywords or keywords that the Google program suggests drawing potential clients’ attention to our business website. We can tell if our target clients are interested in something if one of the keywords we employ has been successful in getting them to visit our company website.

4. Digital marketing provides thorough customer data.

Digital marketing is the solution if you and your business partners feel that you don’t really know your customers well. We are aware that practically everyone acknowledges that in this day and age, the media serves as a modern platform that can measure a variety of things. We may learn, for instance, what slang terms millennial workers most frequently use nowadays and what popular things people are purchasing.

Digital marketing might be able to do more than Google Analytics or other similar programs. In this case, Google Analytics can only tell us how many customers or potential customers have visited our website. It can’t tell us what they like or what they need in the market right now. In other words, digital marketing lets us get more detailed information about our customers than Google Analytics.

5. Digital marketing assists us in building a solid “online value.”

Hey, do you know that Instagram page or website? There are a ton of followers, which suggests that the product is effective given the volume of purchases. Have any of your coworkers who provide career advice overheard a talk like that? Or even readers who themselves tell your family members or coworkers this?

Yep! From the brief discussion above, it is clear how digital marketing will assist in giving businesses—or the businesses of other readers—strong “online value.”

By implementing the proper digital marketing plan, we can increase the loyalty of our current customers to our products and attract new customers away from competing brands.

6. Digital marketing can help a business save money.

Digital marketing has also helped keep the company’s budget safe and cut down on waste. We no longer have to spend a lot of money on things like billboards, print ads, fliers, etc (perhaps the amount can be reduced).

In this way, we may convert to digital marketing, which will be more affordable and will enhance the attainment of our business goals.

7. Digital Marketing Promotes Your Company’s Notoriety Despite the extremely broad scope.

Even if a group of readers has a big marketing budget, digital marketing is still more effective than other marketing methods. How come? One benefit of digital marketing is that it lets you reach more clients quickly, precisely, and widely. If we consider Indonesia’s wide geography, which stretches from Sabang to Merauke, we could conclude that spreading the word about our goods and services across the entire country is difficult. But the use of digital marketing will simplify things. Even though the scope is pretty big, adopting an effective and appropriate digital marketing plan will help our company grow and become more well-known.

8. Digital marketing makes our company’s operations more flexible.

Our time is one of quick change. We must be ready to fall behind our rivals if we choose not to adapt to all the changes that are made or do not follow the changes that take place. We will be able to learn about all the changes in online media with the aid of digital marketing, allowing us to adjust our firm to these developments.

9. Digital marketing will increase customer confidence in our company.

One may assert that practically all customers who wish to purchase a good or select a service will research their options online. They will look for credible information and content on websites, Instagram accounts, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. The good news is that this will increase clients’ level of trust in our company.

10. Traditional marketing strategies can be integrated with digital marketing.

Digital marketing can be combined with traditional marketing strategies in addition to being appropriate for contemporary marketing strategies. In other words, we don’t solely rely on technological advancements to advertise goods and services or to use social media to attract more new clients. Traditional marketing techniques can still be employed, though, making the company’s marketing approach stronger.

After hearing these 10 reasons why digital marketing is important, do you think your readers are ready to own or develop it for your company? We hope that our readers’ businesses do better when they use digital marketing in the best way possible. Keep your heads up, colleagues at Career Advice.


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