beginning with the goods to be sold, the target market to be attained, the marketing plan to be put into practice, and many other things. Engage in engaging marketing or promotional activities if you want to become well-known, particularly among your target market.

Nowadays, a lot of people use digital marketing strategies to advertise their businesses. Additionally, a lot of people now conduct buying and selling transactions on digital platforms because those are thought to be more effective and efficient.

Digital Marketing Platform for Activities

Indonesia has steadily more people using the internet every year. It makes sense that so many business owners take advantage of this simple way to sell their brands to internet consumers.

What are the digital platforms that business owners frequently use for digital marketing initiatives? Look at the conversation below:

1. Facebook

When compared to other applications, Facebook has one of the largest user bases. Due of Facebook’s huge market reach, many business owners advertise their items there.

Facebook users look for information and product suggestions in addition to status updates. Additionally, Facebook now has an advertising tool. With this feature, Facebook advertising is simple.

2. YouTube

Who hasn’t heard of this particular internet platform? One of the websites or programs that is frequently used by many individuals is Youtube. People typically use YouTube for entertainment, education, and business advertising.

Of course, running advertisements on YouTube calls for specialized knowledge or skill. You cannot conduct advertising recklessly without first researching it. Create interesting content for your YouTube ad to get people to visit the website you’re promoting.

3. Whatsapp

These days, this application comes in two flavors: WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business. The main difference between WhatsApp Business and regular WhatsApp is that WhatsApp Business is designed specifically for those of you who own a business.

Additionally, the capabilities made available make it simpler for business owners to readily serve clients. like the rapid reply option that appears when a consumer initiates a chat with you. This quick reply option will enable you to continue replying to consumers even while you are preoccupied with other tasks.

4. Instagram

Instagram is the next medium that is frequently used for digital marketing efforts. The fourth-largest country in terms of Instagram users worldwide is Indonesia.

This encourages business owners to advertise their brands on Instagram. The type of advertisements that are most frequently seen on Instagram are images or videos. Here, you can advertise the sold products as well as provide videos of the production process to provide clients additional assurance.


The instant messaging service LINE has improved its ability to assist business owners who want to promote their goods widely. One of them is the Business contact tool, which has advantages for facilitating real-time communication between LINE users and merchants.

Additionally, you can easily broadcast messages about the products being sold to each customer contact by using LINE. Additional pictures or visuals that can draw people to your product should be included.

These five digital platforms are available for use in digital marketing. You can also advertise the product on a number of different platforms to reach a wider audience.


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