The Story of Sheikh Abdul Qodir’s Disciple Who Lost His Knowledge Because of His Parents

Story of Sheikh Abdul Qodir

MEDIA ID – Sheikh Abdul Qadir was a well-known cleric of his time. His students came from all walks of life. There are children of the rich, there are children of the ruler, there are also children of traffickers and children of the poor. In the madrasa of Sheikh Abdul Qadir there was no criminalization, all pupils were treated equally.

In the madrasa Sheikh Abdul Qadir was introduced knowledge and preferred adab, including adab to teachers who were upheld. Including the adab taught is how students are wise and achieve blessings from their teachers.

It is a custom that when the teacher is eating food, then the students no one eats before the teacher is finished, it turns out that there is a tradition of achieving the blessing of knowledge by eating the teacher’s leftovers.

Sheikh Abdul Qadir understood this so he always told his food for his students to take. A guest who came to visit his son saw it and thought that their children who studied at Sheikh Abdul Qadir were treated like babu or cats. When they were given leftovers from their teacher. It was this dirty thought that caused the parents of the student to provoke other parents.

One of the parents who was a distinguished, wealthy and ruler was propocated and came before Sheikh Abdul Qadir and expressed his objections to the teacher’s treatment of his son who was considered to be abusing his honor and the honor of his son. So there was a dialogue as follows:

“O master sheikh, I sent my son to the master sheikh not to be a maid or to be done like a cat. I send it to the master sheikh, that my son may become alim ulama’.”
Sheikh Abdul Qadir only replied succinctly. ” Then take your child.”

So the father just now took his son to go home. When out of the sheikh’s house headed for the way home. The parents of the student asked their son several things about sharia law, it turned out that all the questions were answered correctly and in detail. So the father changed his mind and returned his son to mr. Sheikh Abdul Qadir.

“O lord sheikh accept my son to study with the master again. Master educate my son. It turned out that my son was not a maid and was also treated like a cat. I see my son’s knowledge is very remarkable when he is with you.”

So replied master Sheikh Abdul Qadir. “It’s not that I don’t want to take it back, but ALLAH has closed the door of his heart to receive KNOWLEDGE from me, ALLAH has closed his futuh (Mata Hati) to get knowledge because of uncivilized parents to Syeikh.”

It turns out that uncivilized parents in teachers can cause their children to become victims of losing the blessings of knowledge from their teachers.

That’s how ADAB is in studying. Child, Mother, Father and anyone else need to keep adab to the teacher. Said the cleric: Just one prejudice to your teacher, Allah will give you all the blessings that your teacher has.

This story is a reflection for the parents of the students, it is in vain that we send our children to school if in the end the knowledge they have gained is not blessed. Because we as parents are uncivilized to the teacher so that our children become deprived of adab to the teacher. | Story of Sheikh Abdul Qodir | International Article